My 82 900T, owned from Feb 96 until June 97

My 84 900T, owned from June 97 until Feb 99 (rip)

87900S.jpg (92570 bytes)

My 87 900S, never got any pictures before it crinked

Owned it from Feb 99 until August of 99

SPG&9000T.jpg (104489 bytes)

Pictures of my 88 SPG and 87 9000T (passed on to another Saaber after head failure...)


87 9000T purchased in August of 99 (after the crinking of the 900S).


88 900 SPG purchased in Spring of 2000.

I had a little accident with it January of 2001, but it's been on the road since July of 2001, now with Aero rims and everything!

919kT&88SPG.jpg (64654 bytes)  919kT&88SPG2.jpg (74298 bytes)

91 9000T, along with my 88 SPG

New 96 9000CSE and my 91 9000T

(I no longer have the SPG)