Pictures from the 97 SAAB Owners Convention in New Hampshire

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saab50th_sm.JPG (3697 bytes)

Black2door_sm.JPG (7853 bytes)

Black 2-door

From another side

black803door_sm.JPG (8534 bytes)

A very nice '80 3-door Turbo!

black803door2_sm.JPG (8709 bytes)

From a different side

99spg_sm.JPG (5732 bytes)

Someones idea of a 99 SPG!

99turbo_sm.JPG (7986 bytes)

A very clean 99 Turbo!

green5door1_sm.JPG (7709 bytes)

A sharp 5-door Turbo (and not quite stock!)

green5door2_sm.JPG (7333 bytes)

From another side